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We are glad to introduce the updated version of our longitudinal brushing/polishing machine Mod. MULTIPLA UV.

This machine has been designed for products requiring a “super mirror finish” that can’t be obtained by the traditional centreless machines.

With this model it is possible to work pieces with different sections (circular, square, rectangular, elliptical, oval, etc.) up to 6 meter long.

The machine is equipped with four opposite working units, each with two mops Ø mm. 500 x 600 wide, one for polishing and one for buffing.

The mops are provided with liquid abrasive compound feeders, with high pressure spray guns and two tanks complete with double-membrane pump.

The pieces to be worked are locked on their ends by tailstocks and the mops, working longitudinally to the piece axis, cross the cut of the previous working, assuring a faster and better finishing.

In the functionality of the machine we have included high-tech devices and systems such as brushless motors, worm gears, inverters, etc. that make it a highly performant equipment; the working cycle is electronically controlled by PLC S7, with the possibility of storing the working parameters of each section and simply recall them when necessary.

Possibility of having the equipment “Industry 4.0 ready”.

A video of this machine can be seen at the following link: