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BOSSI has delivered a new automatic grinding and deburring equipment Mod. RSP 400/3000/2U-300 with two belt units and one orbital brushing unit, for steel plates of braking groups, to a leading company in the automotive industry. This flat grinding machine is provided with dedicated accessories for this type of process that are the result of years of experience and close cooperation with the customer.

The equipment is complete with automatic loading system, abrasive belt hoods made of stainless steel, double security system with identification of pieces to be excluded and not to be ground in the case of incorrect loading, outlet rinsing system, holding system by means of electromagnets and much more.       The machine is also equipped with a high-pressure self-cleaning system positioned in the most difficult places to be achieved manually.

The machine, in addition to the grinding action, is equipped with a vertical brushing unit that has the function to deburr the plates around the perimeter and inside if there are drilled parts.

This type of equipment is particularly suitable for those who need to grind and deburr iron or stainless steel blanked pieces and laser or waterjet cut parts; if you have this type of problem to be solved, please contact us and we will be glad to provide all information pertaining to the various solutions available.