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An automatic grinding equipment for stainless steel round tubes Mod. SF 3000/200/6U, with 6 belt units, has been recently delivered and installed in Germany at the company HARTMANN EDELSTAHLROHRE GmbH considered as one of the leading companies in the production of special stainless steel tubes, worked and cut to size.

The machine is equipped with automatic diameter change and it can grind diameters from 15 up to 80 mm., but the absolute innovation is the capacity of automatically loading and unloading tubes with lengths from 400 up to 6.400 mm. by means of a roller driving system.

The equipment is also provided with self-washing system, centralized greasing system, internal and external tube drying made step-by-step by highly performing air blowing nozzles, self-diagnosis system, storing of diameters to be worked, anti-overlapping device of the tubes positioned on the loading system and much more. Internally the machine is made of stainless steel in the parts more exposed to working.

We thank the Hartmann family for the kind permission to publish their pictures.