Systeme zum Schleifen von Innenseiten von Gießformen

Each equipment is composed of:

NO. 1 Horizontal table for holding the piece to be worked, with manual or motorized rotation made by means of a rotation system with tapered roller bearings; the rotary table is complete with hydraulic vise, suitable for locking the sizes of the ingot molds to be worked and automatic piece overturning system. Possibility of working dry and wet.

NO. 1 Grinding unit Mod. AP 175 SPECIAL: unit support column with motorised lifting and approaching.   The working of the internal side of ingot molds is made individually by means of a belt unit; this unit  longitudinally travels inside the piece the stroke previously set by the operator through the digital keyboard. Also the lateral movement is programmed by the operator by using the digital keyboard, depending on the used contact roll.                                                                                                                                                                   The travel of the longitudinal slide is made by gear motor with sliding on special guides made of hardened steel. The movement is transmitted by coupling between pinion and rack. As regards the longitudinal stroke, speed is adjustable by inverter which allows a speed variation from 1 up to 10 mt/min.                     The transverse stroke is made by gear motor, with transmission by re-circulating ball screw and speed adjustable by inverter. The position of both slides is controlled by PLC through position encoders.

Note: the equipment can also be provided with automatic system for loading and unloading the ingot molds from the feeding roller conveyor to the table and viceversa.


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