Schleifeinheiten für Drehmaschinen

The group consists of a grinding unit composed of a steel protecting hood containing the belt stretcher group and one or two contact rolls coated with grooved rubber (hardness at least 80 SH).

The contact rolls are keyed on rugged spindles that, in the part outside the grinding unit, are aligned to the motor which on its turn transmits motion to the abrasive belt by means of a belt drive system; abrasive belt size and motor power to be stated according to customer’s requirements.

The grinder is fixed on a rugged steel plate, about 30 mm. thick, on which there are the necessary bores for fixing it on the customer’s lathe.

Electric wiring of the motor in a distributing box.

Usually the machine is required for being used on big lathes, for re-passing chromed bars that need an adjustment and the elimination of surface defects, or for big rolls that must be subject to a re-rubberising process for which they need to be ground with coarse-grained abrasive belts for increasing the rubber grip.

The machine can be supplied with contact roll or with the possibility of grinding with loose belt; normally, it can be installed on the opposite side to the lathe turret and used with the automatic feeding of the lathe carriage.


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