The indexing or stepless rotary tables are used for grinding and polishing pieces with different shapes and dimensions, such as taps and fittings, handles, knobs, plates, pots and lids, iron plates, etc.

The configurations of the rotary tables are numerous as the type of table, the number of working stations and consequently, the number and type of units are stated according to the working cycle necessary for reaching the required finishing.

The main features of the rotary tables are the following:

  • Mechanics compatible with any type of control system, both electric and electronic by PLC
  • Independent spindle rotation
  • Mechanical rotation of the table by Rotoblock, with maximum speed and precision over time
  • Finishing tools (that is brushes, polishing mops and abrasive belts) which can be provided with automatic wear compensation, maintenance of the best peripheral speed and adjustable oscillation
  • Quick tool change
  • 360 degrees adjustment of working groups
  • The best engineering of the product for making it “smooth” and easy to use
  • Special applications at request

The grinding and polishing units can also be supplied separately to be included in special production processes.


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