Шлифовальные машины для снятия грата серии STP

Machines for grinding the external weld bead on stainless steel tubes, to be installed on tube-mills with TIG or LASER welding systems.

Almost perfect machines, result of many years of experience: adjustable working pressure, centralized greasing equipment with timed pump, inverter for adjusting the number of oscillations and the abrasive belt speed; working can be made wet or dry.

The model STP 3000/150/170 COAXIAL is widely known with more than 500 units sold all over the world.

Our range of tube bead grinders includes the following models:

  • STP 3000/150/170 COAXIAL (available in the standard version and in the one almost completely made of stainless steel) – working capacity OD min. mm. 6 – OD max. mm. 154 approx.
  • STP 3000/150/410   working capacity OD min. mm. 50 – OD max. mm. 410
  • STP TUBE BEAD GRINDER WITH COLUMN working capacity OD min. mm. 100 - OD max. mm. 350 approx.

By clicking on the names of the different available machines on the right side of this page, you can see the single technical sheet and the photos of the specific selected model.

Instead, by clicking on the following link, you can see the whole catalogue of the machines to be installed in-line on tube-mills: IN-LINE MACHINES CATALOGUE


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