STP 3000/150/170 COAXIAL-NEW VERSION 2015


For lines                       TIG and LASER welding

Working capacity       OD min. mm. 6 – OD max. mm. 154 approx.

Abrasive belt size       mm. 3000 x 150/170/200

This model, together with the in-line brushing machines, is certainly the most popular machine in our range of production (in fact we passed the 500 units sold last year).

By continuing the research for constantly improving our products, we have developed and designed, on the basis of the machine which received so much appreciations, a series of improvements that will ensure the end-user a greater reliability and durability, with a consequent reduction of downtime due to maintenance.

In the new version 2015, this model comes with a number of innovations such as:

- New washing system inside the base, specially designed for allowing to reduce cleaning times for removing the working sludge.

- New concept abrasive belt tensioning system, interchangeable on all STP tube bead grinders, even on very old machines; this new system does not require a continuous belt centering as the adjustment is periodically made depending on the roll wear and this allows to have a precise tensioning over time, with no back-lashes.

- The rolls in contact with the abrasive belt are made of special materials that give a guarantee of functionality and greater durability.

- Simplified construction that allows a quick replacement of all components present in the machine.

- The machine safety guards have been lightened and simplified for allowing a quick removal in case of intervention for maintenance operations.

- Improvement of soundproofing, with a further reduction of 5 decibels, thanks to the use of special soundproofing materials.

These are just some of the innovations on the machine that we’d be glad to explain you better, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.




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