STP 3000/150/170 COAXIAL INOX


For lines                       TIG and LASER welding

Working capacity       OD min. mm. 6 – OD max. mm. 154 approx.

Abrasive belt size       mm. 3000 x 150/170/200

More than 500 units of the standard model sold around the world, with full satisfaction of our customers, have encouraged us to improve this high-performing machine with the production of a stainless steel version for 95% of its components.

With the exception of some parts (such as electric motors, plastic parts, electrical and pneumatic components) that, for manufacturing reasons, can not be made of stainless steel, now the rest of the tube bead grinder can be realized in this extraordinary metal that, in addition to being eternal and to lengthen the lifetime of the machine subject to dirt and water, allows to avoid that the worked tube comes in contact with machine parts of a different metal, gets contaminated and is corrupted by oxidation or spots on its surface; this phenomenon may in fact give rise to complaints, especially for tubes whose end use is the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.



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