Dear Customer / Supplier,

With Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 11 March 2020, the Italian Government has decided to adopt measures to contain the contagion from COVID-19 even more restrictive than those already envisaged by the decrees of 8 and 9 March.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency, our company has been committed to giving the highest priority to the health and safety of people by implementing all prevention and containment measures, including those contained in the recent "Protocol for the regulation of measures to combat and contain the spread of the COVID-19 in the workplaces" signed by the Italian Government and social partners on 14 March and among which we can list:

• Scrupulous attention to the application and observance of hygiene rules as indicated by the relevant authorities
• Daily sanitisation of all our facilities by means of specific sanitising products
• Planning of one day of complete sanitation of the production site made by a specialized company
• Measurement of body temperature at the entrance, provision of gloves, masks and sanitizing gel for all the staff
• Promotion of the smart working for allowing our employees to work flexibly even from home
• In order to avoid gatherings in the production department, we have organized rotating shifts
• Suspension and cancellation of all national and international technical interventions/business trips
• If possible, the drivers of the transport companies must remain on board their vehicles, the access to the offices is not allowed for any reason; for loading and unloading activities, the transporter must observe a minimum distance of one meter
• All external personnel who must necessarily access our site must sign a responsibility document stating that they have not been in contact with people potentially exposed to COVID-19 risk in the previous 15 days and that they have not stayed in the areas declared at risk by the Ministry of Health

All these safeguard actions, today as yesterday and for the weeks to come, will allow us to be operational at all stages of our activity.

None of our employees, collaborators or consultants is currently positive for the virus.

In any case, our operating conditions will be evaluated daily on the basis of information and official guidelines provided.

We will promptly update you as the situation evolves or if new provisions should be disclosed by the relevant authorities.

The Direction