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Thanks to the experience gained during more than 40 years of activity in the field of metal surface finishing, BOSSI can give the support and the technical advice necessary for choosing the most suitable finishing process and consequently the machines, in order to obtain the required finishing results.

From a first analysis of the pieces to be worked and the required finishing to the feasibility study, from the execution of finishing tests to the realization of the project and the starting up of the machine, BOSSI puts its experience at Customer’s disposal, advising him on the choice and proposing customized solutions according to his requirements.

For your inquiries, please contact our Sales Dept.:
Tel. 0039-02-94964141
Fax 0039-02-9466265
e-mail: commerciale@bossi-srl.it     


The supply of spare parts is an essential service for a company like ours, present on the market since more than 40 years with machines still fully operational even after many years from the production.

The precision in individuating the spare parts and the supply of suitable and quality components are our main prerogatives; it is a complex and delicate activity: make a mistake in the supply of spare parts can cause great troubles to the Customer, especially when you are working with companies all over the world.

BOSSI can supply spare parts for all its machines and also for the CMA BOSSI machines produced over 30 years ago.

You can ask for quotations and delivery time to our Spare Parts Dept., by indicating the model of your machine, the serial number and possibly the item code that you can find on the use/maintenance manual delivered together with the machine:                                                                             Tel. 0039-02-94964141                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fax 0039-02-9466265                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              e-mail: comm-ricambi@bossi-srl.it     


It is essential for a manufacturer of machine-tools to supply an accurate and prompt after-sales service so that the technical problems can be solved in the best way, for allowing the Customer to start producing again in the shortest possible time.

Our staff of technicians, both mechanic, electric and electronic, is composed of qualified personnel having a great experience and able to intervene within 48 hours from the fault notification.

Even for solving problems concerning the daily management of the machines and for giving a support in the use and maintenance, our technicians are available for supplying the necessary instructions and advices.

For keeping the machines fully efficient, it is also necessary that the Customers periodically carry out the operations of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance detailed on our use/maintenance manuals: on this purpose, it is possible to ask for the intervention of our technicians for making these activities; we can make a preliminary inspection in your factory for stating the necessary type of intervention and the parts to be replaced, then take agreements about the maintenance period depending on your production schedule.   

For contacting our After-Sales Service:
Tel. 0039-02-94964141
Fax 0039-02-9466265
e-mail: info@bossi-srl.com