Серия F1

A right balance between power and ease of use; this machine is suitable for grinding and polishing tubes, bars and cylindrical surfaces made of ferrous (steel, stainless steel) and non-ferrous material (aluminium, brass, synthetic materials, cardboard).

Thanks to the vertical working position with respect to the piece, this model allows a good removal that a traditional centreless machine can’t obtain on equal number of working units.

The machine is specially used in the fields of thick-wall tubes, rods for hydraulic cylinders and medium-sized bars, before and after chromium plating.

Wide working range with possibility of processing diameters from 20 up to 200 mm. and length from a minimum of 3 meters up to a maximum of 20 meters.

The number of working units depends on the required finishing result and the equipment can be provided with automatic loading and unloading systems of the pieces to be worked, inlet and outlet roller conveyors, electronic control by PLC S7 with automatic diameter change and automatic control of working pressure.

The F1 model is also equipped as standard with a self-washing system of the base and a centralised greasing system.

The machines are supplied in compliance with CE standards, with sound-proof and protection cabin and with all the necessary safety systems.


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